Here we mow again! Grass cutting season starts this week


Great news! This week our Neighbourhood Care team begins its annual grass cutting programme in your neighbourhoods to keep them looking good through the spring and summer months.

From 22 March our team will be busy carrying out the first cut of grass in your area. Social distancing guidelines to keep you and our colleagues safe mean only two members of our team may travel together in a van, and it will take us five weeks to get round the borough to do the first cut of grass. We thank all of you for bearing with us during the initial grass cutting period.

We are continuing to monitor official coronavirus advice from the government and by May we hope to be in a position where we can safely move to cutting grass in your area on a two to three week schedule until the end of the grass cutting season in October.

New for 2021 our Neighbourhood Care team is also trialling nature-friendly zones in FCHO neighbourhoods. These will be planted with flowers to attract wildlife like bees and butterflies and create an attractive environment for you to enjoy. The areas have been introduced following comments from our customers keen for us to boost biodiversity in their communities, and we’ve acted on this. We’ll share more news on our nature-friendly zones in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Please be assured that all our staff have been provided with the necessary safety equipment and advice to ensure they can carry out their jobs without risk of coronavirus to you or them.

David Wrigley, Head of Neighbourhood Care said: “Through our customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback we know how important to you the appearance of green space in your neighbourhoods is.

“Already this year our Neighbourhood Care team has been busy hedge cutting, weed spraying, pruning, planting and looking after the borders to make sure our communities look colourful and smart this summer. Now the weather is getting better, we look forward to maintaining the grass in communal areas again and establishing nature-friendly spaces to help make our neighbourhoods great places to live.”

Where we cut grass
We cut grass on land we own outside the boundary of your home. We don't collect the cuttings but they will be blown away from your property and footpaths will be swept clear of any grass after every cut.

Grass cutting in your neighbourhood
Find out when our team will be cutting grass in your neighbourhood on our schedule on our grass cutting schedule page. We do our best to keep to this schedule but unfortunately we can’t cut grass when the weather and ground conditions are wet.

If coronavirus has an impact on our grass cutting schedule we will update the grass cutting schedule page on our website, so please keep a check on this and on our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook