Keep communal balconies and stairwells free from obstructions, says Fire Safety team


Keep your family, friends and neighbours safe by keeping communal balconies and stairwells free from obstructions, is the advice from our Fire Safety team this week.

Keeping our customers and leaseholders safe in your homes is our priority.

We want you to enjoy the communal spaces in your block of flats, however it is essential that we all work together to help prevent risk of fire and ensure your block stays safe in the event of a fire.

It is very important that communal balconies outside flats and also stairwells are kept clear and free from obstructions.

  • Items left there can be fire hazards
  • The balconies are stairwells are your escape routes in a fire
  • The fire service needs easy access to them in an emergency

In line with The Fire Safety Order, we ask that you:


  • Keep stairwells and balconies clear and free of any items.
  • Store possessions in your flat, stores and cupboards when they are not being used.
  • Make sure stores and cupboards are locked at all times


  • Store or leave possessions, such as chairs, tables, mobility scooters, bikes, large planters, pots, benches etc, in communal areas
  • Assume that unwanted items can be left outside your flat entrance. Please note they will be removed by our Caretaking team. It is your responsibility to ensure that unwanted items are disposed of properly. Ask friends or relatives to help you with this if necessary
  • Leave any washing to dry outside longer than necessary. We suggest you use clothes maidens/air dryers that can easily be moved, rather than using washing lines which could obstruct the fire service in an emergency
  • Pile items up outside bin chutes – dispose of them appropriately

Our team will be carrying out regular fire safety inspections at your block. We may be forced to remove items from stairwells and balconies if they are left there when not in use and you may be recharged for their disposal. By following all the advice above, we hope this won’t be necessary.

Thank you for working with us to help keep our communities safe.

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